Redken Brews Hair Speay

Redken Brews Hair Speay


edken Brews Hairspray locks styles into place, allowing you to create styles with maximum hold. Easily build to your desired level of control - freeze your style with a light mist or use multiple sprays for additional hold. Redken Brews Hairspray won’t flake off, and gives you lasting definition.


This can may look small but it packs a mighty punch. It features new compact technology that reduces the amount of propellant used, so you get twice the product usage in a smaller can. Double the impact in just half the size!


Why Will I Love Redken Brews Hairspray?

  • Maximum hold hairspray 

  • Level of control is easily buildable 

  • No flaking 

  • New technology means twice the product usage in a smaller can 

  • 165g

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