Redken Brews Clay Pomade

Redken Brews Clay Pomade


Hair a bit fine, and need a helping hand keeping texture and hold? Wouldn’t worry about it, Redken has you covered. Redken Brew Clay Pomade is created with clay to give your hair a gritty texture and maximum hold.


Perfect for hair that is too soft to create a dishevelled, texturised look, clay adds that “grab” to your hair that allows it to defy gravity where you want it. If you normally have problems with your hair looking flat by end of day, this one’s for you.


Why is Redken Brew Clay Pomade perfect for fine hair?

  • Formulated with clay to absorb shine, grip the hair

  • Gritty finish

  • Maximum hold

  • All hair types, but great for fine hair

  • Rough, effortless finish

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