Redekn Brews Daily Shampoo

Redekn Brews Daily Shampoo


Redken Brews Daily Shampoo is an everyday shampoo for men  that cleanses hair without stripping it or leaving the scalp feeling tight. Hair is cleansed of dirt, oil and other impurities, and is left feeling clean and fresh. Gentle enough for daily use, this lightweight formula helps improve hair manageability and health.


Crafted malt nourishes and strengthens the hair, helping it look and feel soft and healthy. Protein also enhances hair strength and health, while glycerin increases moisture and hydration.


What Should I Know About Redken Brews Daily Shampoo?

  • Everyday shampoo 

  • Gently cleanses hair without drying it out or stripping it 

  • Improves manageability and hair health 

  • Formulated with crafted malt, protein and glycerin 

  • 300ml

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